Monday, November 23, 2009

A creating a book for a toddler class at home!

Today I held my first ever 1:1 storybook class at home. At least it was kind of 1:1, the woman I was teaching had her lovely toddler with her.

The class worked really well, we played with creating a storybook and the little boy Neo played with my children's toys. Everyone was happy.

When I teach people how to create storybooks the first lesson is always spent looking at storybooks, brainstorming storybook ideas, choosing an idea and a story structure and then we get going writing the story!

I usually recommend the book is no more than 13 pages long (other wise it is easy to feel bogged down if you are not used to illustrating) and for toddlers I recommend you simply have one sentence on each page and write the story with the child as the main character. This makes writing the story relatively easy! Maximum 13 sentences!

If you know the child you are writing for well a simple description of how they start their day or what happens when they visit Grandma are examples of easy and effective topics. Your child will love being the main character of the story and having his or her own experiences celebrated.

Here is a peek at our 'work space'.


  1. Hi Nina, I found you via BMB. I absolutely love your idea of creating story books for young children; a wonderful way of learning. I used to love reading to my daughter, Amy, who is no 9 (and 3/4's as she doesn't let me forget) - she's autistic and has always been a very active story teller.

    CJ xx

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I am now your follower. Feel free to follow mine:)

    I love your idea of writing books for toddlers. My daughter and I sometimes would write a book together. I put some illustrations, and she had always fun scribbling on it:). Have a great day!