Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joel and Daddy- my new storybook!

For a bit of fun I would like to share with you a new storybook I created for my son Joel and my husband.

I created this book using what I call the 'doodle illustration technique'. You simply draw 2 squiggles on a piece of paper and then create a picture out of these squiggles- hence the 'rough' style of this book. I made this book in the spirit of my philosophy “it is better to have fun and get it done than to worry about things being perfect and never get it done at all”.

Find more photos like this on Create A Book For A Child!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds great!! Would be fabulous if you could show us a before squiggle and an after?

    I knwo I would be tempted to bend my squiggles into certain ways to pre-empt a picture... or the other extreme would be that I would end with lots of worms.