Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A children's storybook for Granny.

As I mentioned in my previous post, very sadly my 89 year old granny passed away about 10 days ago. She became ill very quickly. I was lucky enough to manage to catch an emergency flight to the England to see her. She died one hour after I arrived by her bedside. As you can imagine this week has been very sad.The reason I am telling you about Granny is it has inspired me to create a book celebrating her, a book I can share with my own children. I have written the the book from my perspective as a 6 year old as I want to capture all the impressions I had of Granny when I was a child.

It occurred to me, that I should also create books for Mum, Dad and my brother, as a way of letting them know how much they mean to me, a way of documenting our relationships and also a way of sharing these these thoughts and feelings with my own children.

I hope you become inspired to do the same.

Below is the text to my, yet to be illustrated, book.

My Granny Sounds Like the Queen.

My granny lives in England, she is very proper and sounds like the Queen.

My granny has spidery handwriting, when she visits I like to sit on her bed in the morning and try to copy it.

My granny drinks half a cup of coffee at 11am, she also drinks one finger of whiskey when the bar opens at 6.

My granny sings with a wobbly old fashioned voice, this makes my brother and I laugh.

My granny is scared of frogs, this also makes us laugh.

My granny wears peachy lipstick and creamy foundation, she smells like England.

My granny has a tennis court and likes to play tennis with her friends. She also likes to play bridge and go to writing classes.

My granny grew up in a big house with servants, she wore white dresses and rode ponies.

My granny has lots of friends who like to meet my brother and I when possible. We try to be well behaved, but sometimes we get the giggles.

My granny has 2 grandchildren, my brother Ben and I.

We know we mean the world to her, and she means the world to us.


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