Thursday, February 4, 2010

Drawing people.

Some of my students really want to get proportion right when they are drawing, they want to draw 'realistically'. Other students are happy to play and for their pictures to be technically imperfect but full of expression.

However you want your illustrations to look is ok. In my book there is no right or wrong, just do what makes you feel happiest when creating a personal book. If you look at professionally published children's books you will see many different styles are used by many different illustrators.

I love abstract and cartoon like images as much as 'realistic' images.

Anyway, one comment I hear over and over is "I can't draw people" or "I don't know how to draw people".

If you are one of these people I have found a couple of videos that instruct you on how to draw people and 'characters' (not always a person).

To watch these videos click on the following links:

How to measure proportion for drawing people

Tips on how to draw people

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